8.25.23: Started writing about Wisteria

8.24.23: Finished writing about Santaresa and Ilahiyeri

8.19.23: Changed the image for the map and added a section for Ilahiyeri. Named the Marinelle frontier.

8.17.23: Finished writing about Lumarelle and started writing about Rimellion~

8.14.23: Finished the "locations" page, complete with an interactable map. I want to find a different way to display that soon though because it has some quirks that bother me... I also finished writing about the country Verity!

8.13.23: Recoded the worldbuilding portion of the site because my CSS became a mess (LOL) and finalized the layout! It's all ready for me to add my information to now~

8.10.23: Began coding CSS for the worldbuilding portion of the site. Haven't finished anything yet, but it's getting there~ I also added this sidebar and changelog to the main page!

8.9.23: Replaced the buttons with cuter buttons, added some of the images around the site here and there. I found most of them via gifcities~! I also made sure all of the links go to the right places, despite there being no pages actually set up for them yet.

8.8.23: Site wiped from previous iteration- recoded the CSS for the "personal" part of the website. Set up the basic format for the front page. Finally figured out how to make a good looking flexbox, LOL

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Welcome to my website!

This is the navigation page! I only have three links right now, but I hope to add even more fun things to this site in the future.

"Home" will bring you right back to this page- kind of a pointless button, now that I think about it...

"About" will bring you to my personal corner. You can learn more about me and the things I like!

"Setting" will bring you to the corner of this website dedicated to my personal worldbuilding project- a world called the "Sixth Cycle." It's the largest part of why I made this website, so if you could, please check it out! I've spent a lot of time developing it, doing research, and making characters! I've even written some collaborative stories in it! I also use it for my tabletop games!